Principal's Message

Greetings to all alumni of BBSB Engineering College

It gives me great pleasure to greet alumni of BBSB Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib. The fame of any institution spreads far year after year with the progressive contributions made by its students. The institution will stand the test of time and grow into eternity by its achievements in every sphere of the academics and the allied fields of knowledge inputs.

BBSBEC has the vision that whoever comes to its embrace should leave it with a midas touch-a secured value based academic achievement which is the hall mark of the institution. It stands for imparting righteous conduct and unwavering faith in the academic and social values. It is the altar on which the institution stands and its beneficiaries, the students who should promote further the values of the institution at global levels. Many of our college alumni are holding very high positions in number of well known organizations, not only in our country but also abroad.

We encourage all the alumni to remain in touch with the college activities, spare time to share your experiences, innovative ideas, to construct persuasive arguments for your point of view and to solve problems both theoretically and practically. We look forward to our alumni for generating some financial support for students from lower strata of society and also to generate an effective entrepreneur cell for students to earn while learning in the campus. Alumni members who can devote 1-2 days per year towards guiding and hand holding activity would go a long way in making your alma mater proud of you.

The BBSBEC Alumni Association exists to help keep alumni in touch with their alma mater, with each other, and to foster support for the college. I request all alumni to take part in the activities of alumni association whole heartedly.

I wish you every success, and look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Major General (Dr.) GS Lamba, VSM

BBSB Engineering College,
Fatehgarh Sahib

Alumni Cell Coordinator's Message

Greetings from your beloved alma mater!

Being a fellow Alumnus, I am very delighted to address you through this Alumni Portal.

It is a great privilege to welcome all alumni to this portal. It is indeed our sincere wish to bring the alumni closer through this medium, and I truly believe this website will reconnect all of us.

We, as the alumni, are the foremost brand ambassadors and can play a very important role in the development of our Alma mater with our thoughts and suggestions. We wish to take care of a rich culture among the alumni which leads to building a strong and connected alumni network.

The college alumni cell has taken the initiative to constitute the BBSBEC FGS Alumni Association. The main objective of BBSBEC Alumni Association is to connect and establish a wide network among all the alumni through this portal. Furthermore, the association aims to encourage the lifelong intellectual and emotional relationship among its alumni, alma mater, teachers and the present students.

The association serves the requirement of BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib Alumni for enhancing the education, leadership, industry collaboration, benevolent commitment, financial support and volunteer involvement.

The alumni can contribute in multiple ways. First of all, we can contribute to our alma mater through our expertise and experiences. Secondly, we can connect with each other and think of how we can give back to our community. The alumni work to bring honor, pride and eminence to their alma mater.

Moreover, through this alumni portal we can form local chapters in India and abroad, developing and creating a global presence. Besides these, industry-institute interactions like internships, seminars, lectures and other initiatives would help the student community gain exposure and build successful careers. We encourage dedicated individuals to join the College’s Alumni Association and we welcome volunteers to play important roles in developing and promoting Association functions designed to enhance the BBSBEC image.

I am sure our interns would bring laurels to the Institution and become brand builders for the Institute. I would be looking forward to your suggestions to make our community vibrant, informative and highly interactive. It is my humble request to all alumni of the college to be ambassadors for BBSBEC, FGS in their respective communities by assisting with the recruitment of students and by supporting programs via your time, talent, and finances. We are together embarking on a journey that would benefit the Alumni, the Institute, and society at large. We would love to listen and interact with you and know your success stories as BBSBEC alumni. You can reach me at and .

We welcome your input at all times, and we, in turn, strive to keep you informed about BBSBEC throughout the year using e-mail and our alumni web site.

Best Wishes!
Dr. Manpreet Kaur
BBSBEC Alumni Cell Coordinator

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